Rural Economic Development Skills

Rural Economic Development Skills

Over a period of two years between August 2012 and July 2014 Craoibhín European Projects will be working with partners from the UK, Bulgaria and Spain to exchange experience and best practice with other organisations acting as local development hubs within rural communities.

For the purposes of the New REDS project, rural economic development is defined as “an overall improvement in the economic and social well-being of rural residents and in the institutional and physical environment in which they live”. This is reflected in a belief among the partners that strong communities are places where the talents and skills of local residents are identified, valued and used, and ample opportunities are provided for all to develop new skills needed to thrive in a changing world and the vibrant rural community of the future will thrive on its local distinctiveness; the attractiveness of its landscape and culture encouraging people to stay in a place they love and to be welcomed into the area.

The changing nature of the rural economy away from dependence on agriculture means that the skills required to support this transformation, both on behalf of external professionals and within local communities, are also subject to significant changes. In this context, the partnership will examine how these changes in rural economies impact upon the skills needs and associated training requirements for rural economic development, with a view to supporting the development of VET for community development workers operating in rural settings that provides an appropriate match with the development needs of rural areas.

The first meeting of the project was held in London in November 2012. Representatives from each of the four partner countries attended including the representative from Ireland Donna Kenny. This meeting laid out the initial framework for the project including issues to be investigated for the next meeting such as the structure of each countries individual educational system and places and dates for future meetings.

The next meeting will be held at the end of April in Úbeda, Andalusia, Spain. Four representatives will be attending from the Craoibhín, Fred Gallagher, Geraldine Gallagher, Donna Kenny and Noreen Trearty. At this meeting we hope to take the project one step further by investigating the findings of the research done after the initial meeting. In doing this we hope to come together to find common platform of ideas that we can work on to build the project between each of the partner countries.

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