Trip to Greece

Craoibhín European Projects have originated from applications made by Craoibhín Community & Enterprise Centre Termon to Léargas, (Léargas manages many national, European and international programmes, with funding from the EU.). The E.U. story began for Craoibhín with one of its committee members Fred Gallagher learning about projects throughout Ireland through Léargas funding. It was then decided that this was something that we at Craoibhín were interested in, so the journey began...


We travelled to Belgium in December 2011 to a contact seminar where we met with representatives from 19 other European countries from organisations like Craoibhín and adult education providers.


Here we partnered with 6 other European countries (Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Poland and France) to design a project under - A lifelong Learning Strategy “StorySavers”. The aim of the project is to gather stories from each of our local areas and produce an e-book.


The project will use the medium of story-telling to explore/record and exchange/compare important local stories across Europe. By doing this we hope to discover and explore stories that are relevant to us all. We hope to share issues, problems, difficulties, perspectives, wisdom, humour and triumphs in a way that helps to build lasting understanding between all of the individual contributors.


The initial meeting of the Storysavers partners took place in Odda, Norway. It was attended by Michael McBride and Rachel Callaghan from Ireland. This meeting organised the roles and responsibilities of each country for the duration of the project. It also laid out a framework for the format of the e-book, as well as dates and venues of all future meetings. With our rich cultural heritage it was decided that Ireland would take the lead on the initial chapter of the book on “Myths and Legends”.


We began work on this as soon as we returned to Ireland. In order to get a wide spectrum of stories and to include as much of the local community as possible, we used many different sources:


  • We gathered stories from the senior citizens who attend the Craoibhín on our senior citizens days.
  • We launched a storytelling competition with local schools.
  • We contacted local historians and storytellers.
  • We launched an appeal for stories using social media such as our website and Facebook.


The stories that we received were sent to our Polish partners for editing and will appear in our Wikispace and on our e-book.


The second meeting of the StorySavers project was held in Aigio, Greece from the 22nd to the 25th of February 2013. Mary Mc Grenra and Donna Kenny attended the meeting from Ireland. During the duration of the meeting the layout of the e-book was finalized, including the title and illustration of contents of all of the chapters.


The trip included a visit to the Museum of Aigio where we held a European Fair where each of the partners displayed local produce from their particular countries.


In the evening we were treated to a display of Greek dancing with all of the dancers in traditional costume. A traditional banquet was prepared by the Greek team for all of the partners; this was attended by the mayor of Aigio who welcomed us to his town. The hospitality and generosity of the Greek people impressed each of the partners.


We also went on a cultural visit to ancient Olympia where we saw the archaeological museum, the Olympic stadium and Olympic village. The last part of our trip saw us back in Athens for the flight home. We were lucky enough to fit in a visit to the Acropolis into our schedule which was breathtaking and brought a sense of the past into the present.


The next trip that we will attend is going to be held in Poland. For this trip we have to work on the next chapters of our project which include;


  • the change and evolution in society
  • town and country history
  • local events (social and artistic activities)


We wish to appeal to anyone from the local area that may have impressions, thoughts or information on any of the above topics, to share them with us. We are interested in all kinds of material including video, audio, pictures or the written word.



Notes to Editors:
Craoibhin Community Enterprise Centre, Termon is a community owned facility which includes a childcare centre, sports hall, all-weather pitch, gym, sauna, ICT centre, meeting rooms and commercial units for the benefit of the community as a whole, young and old.


EU Funding
We have attended some Contact Seminars in Belgium, Clare, Derry and Birmingham in the last 12 months with a view to securing projects and making partnerships for European projects. We are awaiting confirmation on the success of many applications for projects on June 1st.


We are also happy to announce that we have already been successful in a number of our applications, which will help boost the centres' profile and also increase the number of classes and visitors to the Termon area.


Tell Your Story make History – Story Savers commenced in September 2013. This is a project using the medium of story-telling to explore/record and exchange/compare important local stories across Ireland, France, Norway, Poland, Greece and Czech Republic. The project addresses important topics for the European Commission; volunteering as one of the most important ways of informal education as seen by the European Year of Volunteering and The European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. It also fits with the aims of Life-Long-Learning programme and, in particular, of the Grundtvig Programme - to address the challenge of an ageing Europe by enabling senior adults to improve and update their knowledge and skills.


Within the context of our project we intend to help redress an imbalance in story-telling. In today's society many important memories, stories and folklore are held by the older generations, but the technology needed to record and disseminate these is held by the younger generations. We aim to bring the two generations together to allow an exchange of stories and the skills and technology needed to record them to take place. This will be mutually beneficial to both parties, by motivating older people and providing young people with the possibility to learn from the life experiences of older people through their memories and stories.


StorySavers hopes to be part of that life-long-learning opportunity, whilst at the same time demonstrating that Europe's rich collective history is actually made up of stories about its many and diverse individuals. We hope that this project will leave a lasting impression on its contributors and the wider public by contributing in some small way to that rich heritage.


Seniors on Skype is a youth in action programme supported by Leargas and the European Union this project will involve guiding and assisting the elderly with Skype. By participating in this programme we hope to bridge the gap between youth and seniors also making it easier for older people and families who have moved away to keep in contact.


New Rural Economic Skills the aim of this project is to bring together a network of organisations based in England, Ireland, Spain and Czech Republic to act as local development hubs within rural communities to review the vocational training requirements of community development professionals operating with rural contexts.


For enquiries and more details, please contact us on 074 9119988
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