A 12 Week Mulit Fitness Programme. Starts: 28th January. Price: €38.00  - Per 12 Classes or €5.00 PAYG.  Health Assessment Week 1. 

A 12 week programme commences at Craoibhín in conjunction with the Donegal Sports Partnership. This will include an assessment on week 1 and week 12.


Health Assessment - Monday 28th January

Monday & Wednesday's 8:00pm - 9:00pm 

Deposit €10.00  required to secure your place.  

Booking is essential


Program Overview

This is a physical activity programme that is aimed at adult men to get them active. It involves twice weekly activities sessions that are leader led. You don't need to be fit to take part. They are structured so that you find a level that is appropriate to you and progress your fitness at a pace that suits you.   Nutritional Advice also given. 

Health assessments will be carried out on the first and last night of a 12 week programme.

Donegal Sports Partnership will facilitate the health checks, height, weight, bmi, waist circumference and aerobic fitness. A medical professional will carry out blood pressure tests.

The programme is suitable for all ability levels.


Programme benefits:

The programme will provide a safe, fun environment to participate in sport and physical activity. the benefits include:

  • Energy: This will help to give you more energy and be more alert
  • Metabolism: You burn more energy when active so helps with losing weight
  • Mood: Activity creates the 'Happy Hormones' which makes you feel good
  • Concentration: Activity helps to re-focus your mind and improves the quality of your work and how much work you do
  • Stress: Activity can help you relax and reduce the build up of tension
  • Strength: Helps to keep your bones and muscles strong including your heart
  • Immunity: Activity boosts your immune system
  • Self- Esteem: Activity helps with confidence and you will feel more in control of your life
  • Social Life: Doing activities in teams is a great way of meeting new people and old friends